Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso


Why choose Charissa?

  • Best selling automatic torso for men at lovedolltorso.com.
  • Vibrating & Sucking modes, Make your sex more real.
  • 6.1″ vaginal depth, Lifelike virgin tight channel.
  • 5.51″ anal depth, full of realistic meat, super wrapping feeling
  • Built-in skeleton, easy to unlock various sex positions.
  • Medical grade TPE material, safe, soft and no smell.
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Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 11
This item: Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso

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Cute and innocent girl-Charissa

Charissa is a lovely girl full of elegance. She is an innovative automatic Vibrating & Sucking sex doll torso. Sexy boobs, nice pink nipples, big round ass are very attractive. Bring home this kind and innocent girl, Charissa is your loyal girlfriend. She will never tire of being with you and will have a great time with you.

Charissa's Real Video

Charissa's Body Size

Material Medical-grade TPE
Heigth: 44.98cm/17.71inch
Width: 31.97cm/12.59inch
Bust Cir: 62.99cm/24.80inch
Waist Cir: 44.98cm/17.71inch
Weight: 8.5kg/18.74Lb

Button Description

Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 15
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 16

Remote control, Powerful Vibrating & Sucking mode

  • Charissa is very easy to use. Remote control, free your hands completely.
  • Charissa has 5 vibrating & sucking functions, which can bring double intense stimulation to your penis! Even better, Charissa has a one-touch orgasm mode. Just click the one-touch orgasm button and she will gently kiss your dick like your naughty girl. This will turn you on and trigger ejaculation!
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 17
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 18
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 19

Lifelike channel, high-quality TPE material

  • Charissa has two realistic sex holes.The latest friction particles in the vagina make you respond quickly, and the inner particles in the anus are a new experience.Plus it will automatically suck or vibrate,Make your sex more real.
  • Charissa is made of high-quality TPE material. Her touch is very soft and comfortable. When you touch her, it feels like real human skin.
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 20
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 21

Built in Skeleton, Automatic Cleaning

  • Charissa has a high quality skeleton inside. This allows her to maintain an upright posture with plenty of flexibility.
  • Charissa is different from a normal sex doll torso. Charissa comes with an automatic cleaning function. The vagina automatically removes dirt and fluids, which is faster, more convenient and hygienic.
Female Torso Sex Doll Charissa-18.74LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Torso 22
See More Instructions for Sucking & Vibrating & Exhausting functions

There is a Power button on the side of the doll and a remote control with three buttons (Suction Button & Exhaust Button & Vibration Button). And it also has two hoses for sucking and exhausting, which are completely connected to hands.Check the following steps:

Press and hold for three seconds to power on. The indicator light is always on after power on. The vibration motor and the suction motor are in the standby state, click the vibration button and the suction button to turn on the vibration and suction mode, a total of dual 5-frequency cycle modes, press and hold for 3 seconds in the power-on state to turn off.

Press and hold for three seconds, the remote power-on indicator is always on, and the host is in the power-on state, click to turn on the suction function. A total of 5 frequency cycles, long press for three seconds to turn off the remote control function, and the host will be turned off synchronously.

Click to turn on the vibration, a total of 5 frequency cycles, press and hold for 3 seconds to pause the vibration, and then click to turn on the vibration.

Click the exhaust button, and the exhaust will be automatically exhausted during work.

Conveniently recharge it with the included charging cable for 1.5h and the fun lasts for 1h around. The magnetic charging design allow the doll to reach IPX7 waterproof level for wet wild play and easy clean.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I am extremely happy with Charissa

Charissa is an excellent product the delivers an exceptional experience. It easily keeps up with other offerings that cost twice the price.

- Detailing is on par.
- Wire frame and proportionate weight put just the right bounce,
jiggle and shake at your fingertips.
- Canal contours combine well with pump feature to simulate
- Pump is same unit that's used for more expensive offerings from
other sellers. It is what's known as a "trash pump" so it spits out
anything it can suck up.
- Battery is as reported. You get an hour runtime per 90 minute
- Wireframe is bendable and flexible for fun positions perfecting
- Body is incredible by itself. The pump is a nice bonus.
- Remote stays lit when active which makes it easy to find in semi
- Pump assembly is a sealed unit. Housing and hose penetrations
are virtually bulletproof.
-Customer service is of the highest caliber. They are fast, friendly,
and efficient.
- Order takes about a week to arrive in a brown, nondescript
This is a quality product at an affordable price. It has a few Achilles heels that are easily remedied. I rerouted the vent up through the top of the neck, cut to length, and put a drilled ping-pong ball on the end of the hose as a splash guard. Also rerouted pump discharge hose down through inside of stomach wall to clitoris for obvious benefit. I just need to find a way to sneak some TPE glue up inside to seal around pump base and prevent the breeding ground. Overall, I am extremely happy with Charissa and give it a solid 4.5 stars.

Jonathan Trahan-Ramatali

Pretty good, had to twist it well to take off some hidden water pocket but either that great product

Lynn C
Better than expected

It came in a very discreet box within a box. It’s got really good weight and doesn’t move if you’re really getting into it.The 2 holes feel completely different from each other and definitely do the job.

Kristie L
Cleaning that feels great is a plus...!

I have quite a few masturbators but this one beats all of them and as I said it’s easy to clean thanks to the self draining feature mentioned in the product like it shrinks your stuff when powered on Feels the same and will send you over the edge every time…which will make the end result more realistic.


I only bought cause I can’t get woman to want me for just me they just want money so nothing better then a sex doll she can’t say no and can have it any time I want

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