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Rewards Plan

In order to appreciate the attention and recognition of all new customers and those who have placed orders repeatedly.We launched this reward plan, also called Loyalty Program. Join our rewards club for exclusive discounts, redeemable points, and more.

Sign up today to join our rewards program and immediately earn 200 points! ARE YOU READY?

Rewards You Will Get
Earn Points For Shopping

Save points in smart ways and redeem them.

Early Access To Best Sales

early access to new product launches and special events.

Exclusive Offers

Exclusive promotions and discounts for premium members only.

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Birthday Points

Get 500 points for a birthday and redeem special gifts.

How it works?


+ 200 Points

Earn points

Each time make a purchase $1 = 1 point.

Redeem rewards

Redeem your points at My Account


Apply your redeemed coupon at checkout.

Way To Earn More Points
Create an account

Earn 200 Points

Place a order

+ 1 Point / $1.00

Daily check-in

+ 5 Points

Birthday reward

+ 500 Points

Write a review

+ 500 Points

Tiered Rewards

Earn more, get more!

Tiered Rewards

Rewards TiersPoints ThresholdBonus Points
What You Can Redeem For

500 Points5% off coupon
1000 Points10% off coupon
2000 Points20% off coupon
3000 Points30% off coupon
5000 Points50% off coupon
More Rewards

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase

You Get10% off coupon
 Your Friend Get5% off coupon
FAQs About Your Points

You will receive the newest information on your current offers and rewards at “My Account – Points and Rewards” at Lovedolltorso.com.

Points: Valid within 365 days from the date of accumulation.

Coupon: Valid for 30 days from the date of redemption.

Yes, earn points on all purchases. The points you earn are determined by the amount of your final payment.

**Note: If you regret your purchase and cancel the order, the points you got for this purchase will also disappear.

You may have used a different email address for registration and billing. To ensure your points are credited accurately, your registration email must match the billing email used at the time of purchase. If your registration email and billing email do not match, your points may not automatically reflect in your account.

However, we can certainly help you with this. You can change your registration email or billing email to make sure they match. Please contact our customer support team with your account information and desired email changes and we will assist you with making the necessary changes.

Please note that redeemed discount rewards cannot be returned and reused, and if you cancel an order, the points you have earned for that item will be debited from your account. 

Please contact our customer service to cancel your membership.

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