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You already know all the benefits of a love doll torso. It’s cheap compared to a full-size sex doll. And lightweight, easy to carry. Small size, easy to store. And you can easily wash your sex torso. However, they only have lifelike genitals and breasts. If you want to experience a more realistic sex scene at the lowest cost, then you need to try a sex doll torso with head. Not only does it have a realistic vagina, anus, penis, breasts, etc., but it also has a lifelike head.

Half Body Torso Sex Doll with Head Bring More Sex Pleasure

As you can see, in the half torso sex doll with the head collection, you can find a lot of pretty faces. Not only do they have lifelike genitals, but they also have juicy, rounded breasts and buttocks. You can enjoy realistic genital penetration sex. Then stroke the round ass and breasts. Even better, the page’s sex torso has a penetrating mouth in the head. Your big dick can be inserted into her mouth.

Even for women, there is some strong, muscular hunk bust torso. They have big lifelike dicks. These thick, long dildos stay erect all the time. In short, it is an upgraded version of the torso with dildo. If you have higher requirements for ordinary riding sex, it is necessary to buy a male torso with a head.

Why Choose Torso with Head?

When enjoying any masturbation, one always wants to be as realistic as possible. In fact, the love doll torso just simulates real sex scenes. People want to have sex with a full-sex partner. But there’s a lot of trouble with full-sized sex dolls. Therefore, better alternatives have appeared on the market. That is the torso with head.

Not only does it have all the benefits of sex torso. And it also provides a scene of face-to-face sex. So this is a very popular way. Of course, if you don’t have so many requirements for your face, then choose a torso for men or women. Perhaps, some people like bisexual sex. That is the Thai ladyboy. Then try the shemale doll torso.


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