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Male & Female Sex Torso

Huge collection of male & female sex doll torsos, High quality & cheaper price torso sex doll for you to choose. Don’t miss it!

Big Booty Masturbator

Never miss the latest realistic butts masturbator in 2023.With more advanced design, multiple vibrating functions, and very realistic appearance and touch.

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Do you want to buy a high quality sex doll torso? Right here, you have a huge selection of top torso sex toys. is a professional sex doll torso supplier. There are 500+ high-quality products, you can get everything you need. It is definitely the best choice for you to choose sex toys for yourself or your partner.

Sex Doll Torso Type

Currently, Lovedolltorso sells sex doll torso in the following three main types:

  • Male torso sex toy: This is a sex torso for women. This torso has a lifelike male bust and a huge penis. This dildo with a torso is the most popular sex toy for women. Because it’s best for ride-on sex.
  • Female sex torso: This is a male sex toy. 1:1 imitation of real female bust. Typically, torso for men has sexy breasts, vagina, anus, etc. and it is one of the most popular male masturbation toys. Relatively speaking, the torso of this sex doll is more realistic and the price is very cheap. Therefore, this torso sex toy is best for male masturbation.
  • Shemale sex torso: Perhaps, some people want to experience the feeling of having sex with Thai ladyboys. The sexy shemale torso toy has big tits and a huge dildo.

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Customer Questions & Answers

You will be thrilled when you see such a realistic sex doll torso. The male torso & female torso are the absolute funniest sex toys ever. If you like to try more real sex, don’t miss cheap sex doll torsos. Before you buy, check out our customer Q&A.

A: Yes, we have top silicone sex torso. Checkout our silicone sex torso page.

A: We will send a tracking number to your Email box once your order is shipped. You can track it at with the tracking number.

For more questions, please contact us via email: [email protected] or call us: + 1(212) 518-4308.

A: Yes. We are an online shopping site for professional sex torsos. We ensure privacy. On the package, there are no words or descriptions about sex. 100% privacy package.

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