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Lovedolltorso.com is the official sex doll torso online store. No matter what size & skin color of female sex doll torso you prefer, you can find it here! Take her now!

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Most Recommended Female Sex Torso

Most Recommended Female Torso Sex Doll

This female torso has a big soft breast.

It has a realistic vagina and anal between its two big butts.

If you like big ass women, then it’s definitely the best!

Learn More About Sex Torso For Men

Lovedolltorso is an online shopping site specialized in supplying sex torso. In our collection of sex torso for men mainly various styles of female torso sex dolls are listed. Here you can find sex torso no matter what skin tone or size you like.

In fact, this female sex torso has many benefits. First, silicone female torso is a cheap sex doll. A female torso sex doll is a half-body sex doll. Usually, this is contrasted with a full-body sex doll. If you are using a sex doll for the first time, this kind of sex torso is the best. Secondly, these female torso sex toys have very realistic genitals and breasts. It can provide you with a full range of sexual pleasures. Apart from that, this sex torso for men is easy to carry and store. If you want to experience real penetration sex, then don’t miss the female sex torso toys collection.

The biggest benefit of buying a female torso is the sex investment. Needless to say, many people buy sex toys for sex. But buying a female sex torso does have many benefits.

  • Affordable sex doll torso. A full-sized sex doll is known to cost thousands of dollars. If you want to experience a sex doll, buy a female torso for only $300. And at Lovedolltorso, you can also buy cheaper and high-quality sex doll torso for men.
  • Easy to carry. The smallest female torso is only 3kg. You can enjoy sex anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to clean. Own a lightweight female torso. You can easily put it in the bathroom sink.
  • Experience lifelike genital sex. Don’t think these realistic female sex torsos are small. In fact, their genitals are more realistic. Because designers spend a lot of time on retouching labia.
  • Enjoy the suction sex holes. For the slightly older female torso, her two channels are independent. Therefore, when the dick is inserted into the vagina, you will feel the fleshy wrap and suction.
  • Healthy and safe material. Lovedolltorso has no inferior products. All our sex torsos are premium materials. Therefore, you can safely penetrate the skin of these sex torso.
  • Build endurance. Sexual stamina requires consistent, regular exercise. Masturbation is not good for the body. Then female torso masturbator is necessary to experience lifelike sex. These female torsos can help you.

In fact, every female torso sex toy is the best sex investment for a man. You don’t have to go to a prostitute for sex. At the same time, there is no risk of contracting STDs or pregnancy. You can fuck a torso sex toy for men that is more comfortable than a woman’s vagina without any qualms. Of course, maybe you prefer oral sex. Then try our torso with head.

Use and Cleaning:

  1. It is recommended to use water-based lubricant. That way you can get a better sex experience.
  2. It is better to wash with water and some neutral soap. Then dry carefully with a soft cloth. Finally air dry.
  3. After drying, lightly sprinkle cornstarch on the surface of the female torso sex doll. This will keep torso female sex doll skin from getting sticky. Thereby helping to prolong the use time.
  4. Ankama torso washing machines and drying sticks are recommended. They have a great advantage in cleaning and drying the inner tunnel of a sex torso. Because that was specially developed for cleaning and drying sex dolls. (not included)

Product Maintenance:

  • Keep your legs together in normal condition or when not using a female torso. It is best to stay in a flat position. This will not damage the joints or skin.
  • Please note that TPE women’s torso is easy to get dirty (but silicone sex torso is not easy to get dirty. If you need it, please visit the silicone torso collection). Therefore, avoid choosing dark or fading clothes. (Underwear not included.)
  • Please be careful to puncture the skin when cleaning.
  • Keep away from sharp objects and avoid scratching the skin
  • Store in a cool, dark, and private place.

For more details on cleaning care, you can visit our blog page.

Every man fantasizes about a woman’s body. Because sex is more than just penetrating a sex hole. When you crave sex, dick penetration pussy, or anus that’s just the end. You may wish to touch the woman’s body while penetrating. Such as juicy plump tits and round ass. At this point, neither male masturbator nor pocket pussy can satisfy you. Then you need a female sex torso. Either full-size or reduced versions are available. There are many styles of the female torso at Lovedolltorso.

  • Mini Female Sex Torso Doll. This mini sex torso doll is a reduced version of a woman’s body. The smallest is only 3.7kg. Of course, the price is also cheaper. It might only cost $180. However, it has the whole of a woman’s body. This 3D sex torso has lifelike tits. Other than that, its vagina and anus look very realistic. Lie on the bed and put it on your dick. Penetrates her sex hole while stroking her tits. You will enjoy very exciting sexual pleasure.
  • 1:1 Female Sex Torso. Silicone female torso is a full half female body. Any part is 1:1. But it was also more expensive. Some may cost thousands of dollars. But you can get more. Women’s body torso has very realistic tits. And the tits are very elastic. You will feel very comfortable to touch. In addition to that, her vagina has lifelike colors. You will love the color of her outer labia. If you are a fan of smooth ass, then our female torso has a very smooth and juicy ass. You can penetrate her anus from behind.
  • Breast with Pussy and Anus Hole. Do you like to fuck tits? Some people are addicted to titty sex. There are portable tits on this page. Of course, this lifelike tit comes with a very realistic vagina and anus. That’s a 3 in 1 sex toy for men.

If you want to try a sex doll, but you don’t have enough budget. Then find one of the best in our female sex torso collection. Or some people like doggy-style sex position. Then you can visit our collection of big booty sex toys.

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