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Customer Review

"Sincerely satisfied with my purchase! I was not sure of what to expect but i am very pleased with the weight, feel and look of this full size sex doll torso. I suggest she be used with moderation as it simulates true relaxation after use!"
From USA
"Received the package today. I'm very happy It arrived in a very discrete box. Definetly will order more from this store as privacy is important. Good job. The size of the torso dildo is generous. Its not too big nor too small. The feel is *very* realistic and you can bend it to your comfort with little effort.I like this male love doll torso."
From DE
"If you're looking through items like these female sex dolld, then I'd say you're pretty lucky to have found this one as this product is an absolute pleasure and beauty compared to other products. For me after spending time with this I'd say I've found happiness during time of covid."
From Canada

Sex Doll Torso | Real Sex Torso Toys On Sale | Top Love Doll Torso

Sex doll torso is very lighter than a full size sex doll. So it is very easy to use and store. If you don’t want to spend too much or don’t have a lot of space to store a full size sex toy, then a torso sex doll is perfect. As you can see, each sex doll torso has a very realistic pussy, anus, and breast. Even better, the vagina and anus of these sex torsos are two separate channels. Therefore, when your penis inserts the sex hole, you will feel suction. In short, a sex doll torso has many benefits.

About sex torso customer questions & answers

Truth be told, sex doll torso are for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sex player, there is always a torso sex doll for you. Everyone should enjoy sex. Unfortunately, however, sex may be lacking in your life. However, you don’t need to be sad. Because, a sex doll torso can solve everything.

If you are a lover of pussy or anus sex, then don’t hesitate to buy a realistic female sex doll torso. It is best to choose a realistic female torso sex doll with separate channels. Although the price will be expensive, you can experience a sex hole with suction.

Maybe, you are addicted to doggy style sex position, then big ass love doll torso is your favorite. Likewise, these big butts have two separate sex hole channels. However, big booty sex doll torso may not have breasts. However, you can ride on this big ass with erect penis inserted into the soft sex hole. You will appreciate it. Because you enjoy the ultimate sex pleasure. If you are a woman who pursues riding sex, then there is also a male dildo torso for you.

Sex doll torsos are smaller than full size sex dolls. They don’t require much storage space. So you don’t need to worry about how to hide the sex toy torso. Small and practical real doll torso can meet your needs in different scenarios. Here are the 5 most popular life like sex dolls torso we recommend for you.

Single men will know that watching porn to have sex with female torso sex toy is the best option. When the climax of the movie hits, you must want to penetrate a woman’s vagina. However, a miniature sex doll torso is your best bet.

This sex torso for men feels like a real woman’s skin. You will feel comfortable when your penis is inserted into her vagina. You can easily hold a female sex torso with only one hand. Whether you want breast sex or vaginal sex, she’s got you covered.

In life, women with big butts always attract attention. If you are also full of fantasies about big booty women, then this busty super sexy BBW sex torso is a good choice for you!

You will be thrilled to have her! She is a woman with a big ass character buttocks. And she has plump buttocks and soft thighs. She is very fascinating. Your big dick can penetrate freely between her tits or ass!

If you want to try various sex positions. Such as: doggy style, titty sex, vaginal or anal sex, even riding sex. Then choose this shemale sex torso with huge dildo and realistic vagina. This shemale sex doll torso will give you more fun than ever.

The Shemale torso dildo is very upright and you can ride it with confidence. At the same time, you can also tease her soft pussy lips. In addition, the plump breasts of the shemale sex doll are made of medical TPE material, and you can also kiss it with confidence. This shemale torso can meet any of your sexual needs.

  • Male torso sexdoll’s dildo won’t let you down – 16LB Cheap Male Torso With 8″ Dildo

Lovedolltorso lists many types of male torso dildos. If you also like torso with dildo, check out our torso dildo category. More male sex torso you can’t miss!

The 16lb male torso comes with an 8″ dildo. The soft glans of the dildo can easily enter your body. Let this 8″ long penis penetrate your body completely, you can adjust different positions and depths. And he will help you explore your G-spot to enjoy orgasm.

At the same time, the male torso toy also has real chest muscles and abs. Leaning on his body, you will feel full of security. He is definitely the top star among male masturbators.

1:1 True Big Butt Torso is based on real women. If you are a big butt sex fan then this big booty masturbator is perfect for you. It has a very nice touch and texture. You can enjoy doggy-style sex with it. She even wiggles back and forth when you slap her ass. Whether it’s sex or lying down, this torso sex toy is enough to make you very happy.

The above is the information of the ace products of our store. To make it easier for you to choose, our products are broken down into each category. You can easily find the most suitable torso love dolls for you here

Everyone’s expectations for sex are different. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing to invest in a torso sex toy. Enough research can help you buy the best torso sex toys.

  • Price

Investing in sex is very necessary. But don’t hurt your wallet too much. After determining the repayment ability, try the expensive real torso doll. At, you have plenty of affordable options. And these torso sex toys are of high quality.

  • Height

When you are picking torso sex dolls, you must pay attention to their height. Because there are many sizes of the full size sex doll torso to choose from. Size doesn’t just determine the price. And it also determines your sexual experience. If you want to hold your torso sex doll easily, the small size is undoubtedly the best. However, maybe you like doggy-style sex position to fucking your sex toy torso, then choosing a big booty sex torso. And, if you don’t have enough storage space, it’s better to buy a mini sexdoll torso.

  • Weight

Usually, sex doll torso weights are all within acceptable limits. But here’s what you need to know: the heavier sexdoll torso, the more difficult to carry. If portability is a concern, then it is better to buy a lighter torso sex toy.

  • Female sex doll torso‘s holes and tits

This is the most crucial factor. Because you buy torso sex toys just to have sex. In fact, most sex dolls torso is pussy and anus hole 2 in 1. Often this is more expensive. Because there are some cheap realistic sex toys that are single-hole. Other than that, you should pay attention to whether the sex torso doll’s sex hole can accommodate your big dick. In general, the pussy and anus holes of the best sex torso are elastic. Many people like tits sex. Then it is important to pay attention to the cup of the breast.

  • Flexibility and built-in skeleton

This is for male torso sex toys. Most women like riding sex. Then it is best to buy a torso dildo. So it is important to pay attention to the sex doll for women’s size and flexibility of the dildo.    

Maybe you already know that sex dolls have been around for a long time. However, you will be ashamed of being selective with your sex toys. As if sex doll torsos were a taboo subject, they were bad or illegal. But, in fact, lifesize sexdoll is very popular these days. Even more favored in today’s society. It turns out that in the next few years it will be more common for people to have sex with sex dolls or torso sexdolls.

In life, realistic sexdoll torso can bring many benefits to single men or women or even couples. They use sex doll torso as a way to experiment with fantasy without hurting the other half. We’ve even seen couples spice up their marriages with lifelike silicone sex doll torsos. Therefore, it is normal to have a sex doll torso. And, it can bring you a good sex experience.

At Lovedolltorso, you can find all kinds of torso sex dolls. Whether it’s male sex doll torso, female sex torso or thai shemale sex torso, you can find the best sex torso. And they are very cheap.

People always have this question before buying a sex doll torso. In fact, the love doll torso will definitely bring you the ultimate real sex pleasure.

Warm pussy sex

Sex torso for men has a lifelike vaginal. And the internal structure of the vaginal is very close to the vaginal of a real woman. Before having sex, you can use a USB heater or add warm water, and then you can experience very real warm sex. If you buy a separate channel torso sexdoll, you will feel the suction when your dick is inserted into your vagina. This is also a feeling of real sex. In short, life size sex torso enjoy an extremely realistic vagina.

Tight anal sex

Many people like anal sex. But finding the right anal sex partner is not easy. At this point, you can buy a big booty sex toy. Then apply a lot of lube. Because the anus is generally very compact. After lubricating your dick and torso’s anus, you can enjoy tight anal sex. The anal structure of this bbw sex doll torso is also 1:1 reduction.

Soft tits sex

Some love doll torsos have big tits. If you are a tits sex lover, then you can choose sex doll torso with big tits. Their breasts are soft and feel like real tits. Your dick can penetrate both tits. Two tits will rub your glans.

Exciting oral sex

There is a kind of sexdoll torso for man with a realistic head. Her mouth can penetrate. To be honest, this oral sex is not as good as a real woman’s mouth. However, you can control the speed of the thrusting. Sex doll torso with head can enjoy the sensation of a blowjob.

Solid riding sex

Male sex toy torso is for women. Many women like this way of having sex. Because the glans can reach the G-spot of the vagina. There is nothing more comfortable than stimulating the G-spot. But a real man’s penis maybe not be that long. In short, it is difficult for you to experience the most stable riding sex. And male sex dolls torso with a huge dildo can help you. This realistic dildo conforms to the lining of your vagina. The man sexdoll torso for women can then be firmly on the ground. So you can swing your butt up and down And never worry about torso dick breaking.

Torso sex toys come in a variety of styles. Before buying sex dolls, it is necessary for you to know about the features of sex toys.

Cheap: Sex torso dolls are half body sex toys. Mainly designed according to male or female body parts. For example, sex torso dolls have full-sized heads and torsos. Then there are lifelike pussy, anus and dildo on the torso. This love doll torso helps you experience all the pleasures of sex. At the same time, life-size sex doll torsos are cheap.

Realistic: As the name suggests, a full-sized sex doll looks like a real person. It has a full size head and body. And its reproductive organs are more realistic. In addition to that, it has hair, eyelashes, limbs, and more. In short, apart from not being able to speak, he is basically a person. Of course, its main role is sexual penetration.

Easy to store and hide: Sex torso dolls have real genitals, breasts and anus. So the best torso sex dolls have all the benefits of full-sized sex dolls. However, it is more affordable. And sex torso dolls are smaller in size. So you can easily store and hide your love doll torso. You can easily wash it before and after each use. Of course, having sex with a sex torso doll feels more real than a male masturbator.

However, the torso love doll doesn’t look like a full human being. If you want to own a full-size sex doll, then it probably isn’t for you.

That’s right, it’s the ultimate sex experience. These sex dolls are very realistic. They have the softest vaginas, anus and breasts. And their faces are beautiful too. Honestly, a lot of people buy male sex dolls as girlfriends. In fact, those beautiful sex dolls make perfect wives. A nice sex doll can eliminate loneliness and anxiety. Hugging your sex doll will reduce your stress and make you feel close.

However, realistic sex dolls are often expensive. Basically, it costs $3,000 to buy a high-end sex doll. Also, hiding and storing are not easy. However, careful care and maintenance of sex dolls is very important. Buying sex dolls can be a hassle if you don’t have a large private space. Therefore, sex torso dolls are your best choice.

There are many types of torso love dolls depending on the style. But according to users, there are mainly the following three types.

Male Torso Sex Doll

Male sex doll torso is a sexdoll torso for woman. Usually, a torso with dildo has a big penis. Male torso sexdoll looks like half the body of a man. Generally, you can see muscle lines. This sex torso dildo feels comfortable to the touch. And there are generally bendable keels inside the dildo. So this torso with dildo is very flexible. Then, you can enjoy penis stimulation from multiple angles. For women, riding sex by the male torso dildo is excellent. At, you can buy male sex torsos in a variety of styles.

Female sex torso

This is a sex doll torso for man. You can think of female sex doll torso as a reduced version of the female body. Usually, this female torso has no head. The female torso sex doll has a lifelike vagina, anus, and breasts. Some sex dolls torso for man will bring a realistic woman’s head. But that’s more expensive and bigger.

Shemale Torso Sex Toy

Trans shemale sex doll torso is the best way to experience intersex sex. This love doll torso has very realistic tits and big dicks. In fact, it is a reduced version of the Thai ladyboy. It just doesn’t have a head and limbs. Many people like shemale sex. Then it’s good to buy a shemale sex torso.

In fact, there are only two materials for making a sex doll. These torso love dolls are all made of TPE or silicone.

The full name of TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer. This material is very soft. So TPE sex doll torso’s tits are very elastic. However, TPE is a porous material. Therefore, TPE sex torso is easy to hide dirt. Well, you need to be very careful when cleaning the TPE love doll torso. Of course, the soft TPE torso also has a very comfortable vagina and anus. When the dick is inserted, you will feel that it is a very comfortable massage. In addition, the TPE sex doll torso is usually cheaper.

Silicone is one of the most common sex toys material. Before people discovered TPE, almost all sex dolls and sex toys were made of silicone. Therefore, silicone sex torso was expensive at that time. However, silicone is a highly active adsorbent material. It has a good heat resistance and stable chemical properties. This non-porous material guarantees the high quality of the sex doll torso. Therefore, the silicone sex doll torso is more durable. Also, it is easier to clean. However, silicone sex torso is generally more expensive.

In short, both materials are of high quality. They are non-toxic and body-friendly. If you want to experience the ultimate realistic sex, then is the best choice.

Maybe you have seen a sex torso doll. Would you be surprised? Because female torso sex toy looks like a real person. And her genitals are carefully designed. Of course, it’s for sexual penetration. Indeed, life size sex doll torso is a large thing. Because she is a 1:1 life-size real woman. In fact, after many people buy a full-size sex doll, the biggest problem is how to store it. Because life size sex doll needs a lot of space.

Also, there may be people who want sexual penetration. But the budget is not enough. Because not everyone has the extra money to invest in a sex doll. Then, a reduced version of the full body sex doll appeared on the market. That is torso sex doll.

This love doll torso generally has a full size head and torso. But she has no limbs. However, female torso sex doll still has soft breasts, vagina, and anus. Of course, some male torso sex dolls have a lifelike dildo. Likewise, you can also have sex with the torso sex doll. And enjoy very exciting sexual pleasure. You can also experience the same sexual stimulation as a full-size sex doll.

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