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Do you like girls with big ass? Big booty masturbator is the best sex toy for Doggystyle and anal lovers. Lovedolltorso‘s collection of big ass sex toys is sure to be the perfect choice for you. 

There is no real woman in the eyes of a man. Because men always love two parts. The front point is the big tits. The point at the back is the big ass. Do you admit it or not? In addition to fantasizing about holding a woman’s big tits, you fantasize about rubbing her juicy big ass. Now, Lovedolltorso is ready for your sexual fantasies. So, you will find many styles of cheap but premium full ass pocket pussy in our big booty sex toy collection.

Do you like chubby big booty sex toy? Lots of people love big butts. Because big ass masturbator can do a lot of things. Of all the sex positions, the doggy-style sex position is attractive. And if you want to enjoy the ultimate sexual pleasure position, your sex partner must be a big ass. And your sex partner needs to master a lot of sex skills. Probably this is a conundrum for you. Why not pick one from Lovedolltorso‘s collection of big ass sex toys? These realistic ass sex toys come with very lifelike pussy and anus hole. You will enjoy all the sex fun that ass brings to you.

FAQ About Big Ass Sex Toy

In order to enjoy all the benefits of a big butt, you decide to buy a big ass sex toy. Finding the right one is not easy. There are many such big ass sex doll ​on the market. But the quality is average. Of course, if you choose a site that supplies sex doll torsos, you may be able to find better ones. Like Lovedolltorso, where you can find many styles of big butt sex toys.

  • Ebony masturbator. This complexion looks very hot. Many pornstars are distinguished by ebony skin tones. You won’t find it too dark. And the ass of this skin tone is easier to clean. Especially the labia and anal holes make you horny.
  • Big black booty sex toy. This is a complete copy of the black ass. The juicy ass has a petal-style pussy and puckered anal hole. The two rounded hips are full of elasticity. Do you like to dance on it? You can start your action.
  • Full ass pocket pussy. Some people buy 1:1 ass in pursuit of the ultimate realistic sex. At Lovedolltorso you can find such butts. This big ass masturbator is super realistic. The interior passages are filled with various textures, adding a lot of fun. This soft material will make you feel great. Even better, the weight of the realistic butts helps keep them in place as you use them. Then, you can enjoy the suction of this pussy and ass masturbator. That’s unbelievable.
  • Pocket pussy ass. If you like to have sex on the go, then this portable realistic ass sex toy is your favorite. This is a very lightweight masturbator. It also has a very realistic vagina and anus. These 2 in 1 sex toys for men are very popular. Because it was cheap. And can hold rubbing dick with one hand. It’s just that these sex toys have only one channel. Therefore, there is no strong suction.

Any of our big ass sex doll torso toys are based on the butts of famous models. You can buy realistic butts of all styles here.

In life. One of the most stunning beauties has big tits and the other has a big booty. Many sex doll torsos have huge, soft, plump breasts that anyone can’t resist pinching. Like BBW sex dolls with huge tits and boobs. Big booty sex toy bouncy, juicy and fucking big! You can fuck her whatever you want to satisfy your lust. A sexdoll butt can ignite your body as quickly as possible without thinking about too many details, providing you with incredible straight sex. Keep browsing to find the perfect fake butt sex toy for you.

1:1 Realistic Professional Design

The feel of natural skin is more likely to spark your passion. This TPE masturbator butt looks very similar to real skin. You can see the graininess of the skin subtly structured on the surface of the realistic ass sex toy. Sexy visual impact to immerse you in sex with her. If you want to make big butt sex toy look more gorgeous, sexy panties are the best choice! She can wear pretty pink, black sensual, leopard print all-match; everything can satisfy your sexual needs.

Soft and True Skin Feel – Yasmin

Silicone sex doll is the typical type. But the TPE material will surprise you! Big butt sex dolls Yasmin are made of high quality TPE material. Her texture is the same as real skin. Plus, she’s cold to the touch when she’s alone, but gradually warms up when you insert her and have sex with her. Then you will feel the vaginal temperature of a real woman. Realistic butt Whether it’s vaginal sex or anal sex, she can accompany you from beginning to end and accommodate you.
Vibrate, suck and exhaust!

Vibrate, Suck and Exhaust!

Have you considered a more fun, hands-free way to play? When I found out it was available, I couldn’t wait to fuck her. It feels great! I can’t resist such an epoch-making masterpiece, the big butt masturbator is so vibrant and charming. Like the masturbation cup, she has automatic sucking and vibrating. Using the remote control, adjust various settings such as sucking, vibration and exhaust. Come and conquer this beautiful masturbation torso as a strong man!

Being able to have sex with a big ass is a blessing. However, not everyone likes big butts. If you meet any of the following conditions, then you should buy a big booty masturbator.

  • Love the doggy-style sex position. If you like riding on the ass, then you should have a realistic butts toy.
  • Want to experience suction masturbation sex. Few masturbators produce suction. And big booty masturbator can do it. But you need to buy a large size, preferably 1:1. Like Yasmin.
  • Build dick stamina. Masturbation is bad for dick and health. But realistic sex scenes will give you a workout.
  • People who want to have sex anytime, anywhere.
  • Don’t want to spend money on prostitutes.
  • Very demanding sex life.
  • Others and so on.

So, obviously. Lovedolltorso is for everyone who wants to have a quality sex life. For men, the sex doll torso for men here is the best. But for women, we also have realistic dildo torsos. Maybe you like to try shemale sex, we also supply such shemale doll torso. In conclusion, at Lovedolltorso, pick the best sex doll torso ​to take home. Enjoy new ways of having sex.

The butt is very important for sexual stimulation. A lot of guys like to penetrate a woman with a big ass. If you are, then you should buy a big butt sex toy. That way you will get a lot of benefits from this realistic fake ass.

  • Healthy material. Couldn’t find any inferior textures in Lovedolltorso. All of our big booty torsos are made from premium phthalate-free materials. Enjoy a green and healthy masturbation sex life.
  • Realistic anus and vulva design. The big booty sex doll here have lifelike pussy ass and anus. Penetrating a real cast, the dick touches the sensuality of the vagina and anus. You will feel the protrusions and particles on the channels inside the double helix.
  • 3D internal channel. Those two tight love tunnels open slightly as your cock slides into big butt sexdoll sweet pussy or seductive ass. Then house your penis. If you buy a 1:1 big butt, you feel real suction. That dick feeling wrapped in meatballs is super realistic.
  • Tight anal sex feeling. The closed large real ass will feel tighter than ever when you touch it. Have you ever experienced virgin love? Yes, just like a virgin, it gives you unimaginable pleasure.
  • Easy to clean. Maintaining our realistic ass masturbator is quick and easy. These are sex toys with a fully waterproof design. Therefore, you can easily clean it. Cleaning details are described below.
  • Discreet packaging. Lovedolltorso values ​​the privacy of its customers. 100% Confidential Shipping. No trace of any sensitive labels/text.
  • Cheap price. If you’re a big-ass lover but you don’t want to spend too much on a full-size sex doll. Then this is undoubtedly the best option.
  • Easy to carry. When traveling, keep it in your suitcase. Then ride it anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the ultimate doggy style sex position of “papapapa”.
  • Easy to store. Put it under your bed or in your closet.

Of course, big-ass sex toys have more benefits. Only by owning one will you discover more ways to play. Some people may like other styles of sex torso, such as half female body torso or torso with a head, you can find the best here.

Maintaining a realistic big ass sex toy is very simple and quick. You just need to put it in the water. Generally, you can easily put it in the bathroom sink. After cleaning is complete, the details need to be carefully washed with warm water and liquid soap.

Note, be sure to let the soapy water run all the way to the bottom of the sex hole. Next, turn it over and let the water drain through the opening.

Repeat the above process. Do this at least 3 times. to ensure cleaning.

Then roll up a paper towel. Push in lengthwise from the middle and stick one end all the way down into the sex hole. Slowly pull the tissue out. Tighten them even more at the same time. This way the paper towel won’t tear.

Repeat this action. Do this at least twice until the paper towel is dry.

In the end, this is the most important. Spread with cornstarch. You can apply whatever you want. Then you will soon see a phenomenon. That’s the cornstarch that turns the fake ass’s skin from rubbery sticky to incredibly soft and smooth silk. Also, put some cornstarch in her holes. This way your fake ass will last longer. At the same time, your sex life will be healthier.

Have any questions? We're here to help.

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