Influencers & Reward Program

Influencers Program

We are looking for passionate individuals who are enthusiastic about building meaningful connections with our brand and community. As an influencer, you will have the opportunity to share your unique voice and perspective while promoting our products and values.

Benefits For All Participants
  1. Get a free product
  2. Add more sexual pleasure to your life
  3. Create new & high-quality content for your fans, and increase exposure
  4. Get more attention or fans & followers from our website
  5. Enjoy exclusive discounts and rewards at our website
  6. Earn commissions by referrals or sharing our products
Who Can Participate?
Type A_: Social media influencer or YouTubers
  • Include: Facebook ,Instagram,Twitter,Reddit,YouTube,etc
  • Basic Requirements:5000+ fans or followers

Type B_: Verified Onlyfans or Porn sites content creator

  • Include: Onlyfans, Manyvids,Fansly,Pornhub,Xvideos,XNXX,etc
  • Basic Requirements:1000+ fans or followers
Type C_: Professional sex toy reviewers or bloggers
  • Basic Requirements: Reviewed 10+ sex toys and has your own blog column or website
Type D_: Sex party/groups Admins & Moderators or member 
  • Basic Requirements: Party or Groups has 30+ members

Type E_: Returning customers (Steps as follows)

  • Shoot a video or write an article for the product you previously received
  • Write a review about our product.
  • Choose the product you want and tell us. (Products are mainly selected from below.)
  • Get the free product and start your new testing work.

Type F_: All new customers  (Steps as follows)

  • Pay for the first product you like
  • Shoot a video or write an article after receiving it
  • Send us your work and wait for our review
  • Get reward or discounts (amount will depends on the quality of your work)
What Do You Need To Do?

*Note: Note: We guarantee the authenticity of the event, but we have requirements for the content. doesn’t skimp on giving away free products and only wants unbiased, high-quality reviews and content. Requirements are as follows:

Write an articles & blog & story 

  • 1000+ words;
  • Pictures and videos of products are included;
  • Highlight our brand or domain name;
  • The content must be honest and show the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Shoot a Video 

  • Clarity:HD (1920*1080 px Recommended);
  • Video Duration: >3 minutes;
  • Introduce us: Indicate that the product is from;
  • Unboxing: Open the package and talk about your thoughts on it;
  • Show Product: Show the audience, Material, The details of the product;
  • More: Other content you want to express.
What Are Free For Testing?
Fill Out The Form to Start
Testing Process

Step1: Fill out and submit the Above Infor Collection Form—>

Step2:Get in touch with us and confirm all details—>

Step3:Receive the free product—>

Step4:Testing products —>

Step5:Share or send your works to us —>.

Reward Program

As a token of appreciation for all Influencer Program participants, we also have a Cash Rewards Program

How to get rewards

How to get rewards

Reddit  $10
Twitter $5
Facebook $5
Instagram $5
Onlyfans $10

How to get rewards

  • Add tag #lovedolltorso
  • Upload pictures/videos
  • Attached URL:
  • Keep for at least thirty days
  • No requirement for the number of followers
  • Any topic about sex toy
  • Reddit Needs Discussions in Sex-Related Communities

Publish An Article Or Story

Publish to your own blog site  $20
Published in a professional magazine  $50
Publish blogs or articles on social media $50
Article or Blog ConditionsDiscuss Lovedolltorso or related to a product using Lovedolltorso
Other RequirementsDiscuss on a case-by-case basis

Upload Video

Other Porn Site$20-$50
Supplementary AgreementNeed to mention sponsorship from Lovedolltorso in video title. Video footage should be reviewed.
How to Redeem Rewards

Step1:Please send the post links, images, videos, and gifs you have taken to email:[email protected].The mail headers are unified as “Lovedolltorso+order number+post link/video/gif/image”.—>

Step2:Once you have emailed us your post link/video and pictures, we will review it within 5 days and transfer the reward to your Paypal account once it has been approved. Notice: We only support Paypal transfers for rewards, so please note your Paypal account in the email.—>

Reminder: You can also use cash rewards to directly deduct your order amount. After you get the email that the reward has passed the review, you can note your reward amount in your order, and we will directly reduce it.

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