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Enjoy the ride

Wife likes the size and I enjoy watching her riding.

It's perfect.

Oh my gosh! This is the most realistic toy I have ever seen and owned. Both my partner and I love it. It feels perfect for me. The hole is tight and realistic, and the dildo is larger than expected. You can also switch to different sizes of dildos. So far, it's the most lifelike dildo I've ever experienced. It's absolutely worth it.

Buy It!

Highly recommended, overall it's great. It has a detachable penis, so you can put a larger one there and enjoy a different sensation. The material is non-sticky and odorless. I love it very much; it can replace my boyfriend.

Big ass/ Soft breast torso doll

Overall, Zenobia is much better quality than I was expecting at this price. The item feels great for what it’s intended for. It is nice and soft Gel filled breasts with nice big ass curves and has a real skin feel on the outside. The inside is the perfect texture and feels crazy real. Being able to position the legs is a plus. I’ll rate it 10/10 thank you so much!

Good ride

Never had one of these before and have never really had a "sex doll" much less a "torso" this is a good beginners toy as it is cost effective and is low maintenance but plenty of fun. Package arrived in semi-decnt quality but ultimately no real damage to the torso itself. The penis is a bit misshapen as it has a semi severe angle at the head of the penis but you can use that to your advatage to hit all the right spots. Been having a lot of fun since its arrival. Would highly recommend for beginners wanting to try things out

David-7.7LB Silicone Sex Torso With 6.3" Dildo
Great for riding

The realistic dildo is about 5.9 inches, which is my desired size. If you haven't had sex for a long time, this sex doll with dildo will definitely satisfy you. First of all, the weight of this doll fits me very well, 8LB is very easy for me, I can experience it anywhere. The doll is waterproof, I can even enjoy it in the bathroom, playing my favorite movie, and then we'll be in the bathtub... Plus, the Angle of the penis can be adjusted so that I can do a lot of poses,
The packaging is also very good, there is no words on the packaging, the love doll is in a sealed bag when I opened the packaging and there is almost no smell.

David-7.7LB Silicone Sex Torso With 6.3" Dildo
Kayla smith
Good service attitude

The first time I bought this toy, I didn’t know how to start. The customer service patiently explained the relevant information of their products to me, and also gave me a guarantee. In the end, I placed the order with the mentality of giving it a try, and the effect was great, just like the sexual experience my ex-boyfriend brought me.

Best buy sex toys I've ever made!

Gosh, it feels so real. The penis can be bent to any angle. If you’re a single woman and want the real next best, this is it! ! ! The material feels like real skin. The penis has an internal shaft that moves as you like the real thing when you ride it, spin it, etc. 5.9″ deep anal, my boyfriend loves it so much!

Best Toy I've Owned

I’ve bought a lot of female sex dolls of this type and I can safely say I’m very impressed with Peggy. I can’t believe how real she looks and feels! Peggy’s quality and attention to detail! It feels as magical as real when you grab her boobs. 7.1″ vagina depth and 6.1″ anus are great, they have great texture. Peggy feels really good and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Wonderful product!

Amazing body shape that can be positioned! Very heavy though. Admittedly ive been down the sex toy wormhole, tried everything. This is the best most highly detailed hip there is. The most realistic orifaces. No odor tpe. I have done a lot of research before making decision to buy this product, and it is definitely the best one I ever found! I dressed her in sexy clothes. Hahaha!

Big tits but great product

Really love the product and I can’t wait to try it out! I’ve seen many unboxing and reviews and I’m not disappointed at all! The body is just the right size and her holes, OH her holes feel amazing and life like! I had forgotten that she was just a doll when I got in. Hahaha! Soon I was having an orgasm.She is also very comfortable to the touch, I cuddle her to sleep every day! ! !

Judith-37.47LB Vibrating & Sucking Female Sex Doll Torso
Very realistic, very pleasing

This toy did not disappoint at all. Super realistic look when it comes to the skin. Both holes feel very different with amazing different textures inside. The feeling of the toy also does not disappoint with the heavy but soft & stretchy TPE. 100% recommend, definitely worth it!

Surprise my wife! ! ! ! She thoroughly enjoyed her first ride sex. 30 minutes of sex at various speeds ran out for the first time here as she nearly fell asleep while Henry’s 7″ dildo was still buried in her dripping pussy! ! ! It was a great change of pace for both of us as I buried my dick in his 5.9″ deep ass at the same time and he was a total sex torso! Wife used it 4 times in the first week with a big smile every time! ! Seems like a good job because she’s really doing it and hope it lasts forever. All in all, it seems to have hit the right spot so far! ! ! ! ! ! We would all recommend it! ! ! ! ! !

Cheapest price

Since it was less expensive than other similar items, Even cheaper than Amazon… Only $59! Finally, I received it today. Discreet packaging.It’s a big cock. But feels amazing. No kidding, when I sit on it and bury it as deep as possible, its big dick hits my G-spot exactly and I feel very comfortable. Fun novelty item, safe, shipped very discreetly.

Better Than I Ever Dreamed

Well first of all I think the boobs are a little large. However, this little gem is amazing tight and fun. I will buy one again. Love this product, very soft, very realistic. This is my first time ever having a doll, and to my surprise this was an amazing one.

Discreet package, Better than expected

Received this torso doll today. It comes in a Discreet cardboard box.OH MY LORDY LORD!!!!!! This toy was sooooooooooo fun. My husband and I can’t wait to try it. I was so surprised, it not only has a penis, but also an anal hole. There are also vaginal holes and full breasts. My hubby absolutely loves both of her holes. He played for three full hours. Hahahahaha! The perfect sex toy.

Amazing work

Was a little hesitant ordering this for my wife, but she loves it! This doll feels amazing, and high quality. Anal Channel is great, very stimulating, Penis is beautiful, Breasts Are Nice, Balls are surprisingly detailed. Not too heavy, good size.. Very nice. We’ve had a ton of fun with her so far. Forget the cheap junk off of Amazon, this is so much better for not much more money.

Ok, to start this is a solid buy.

This torso dildo material is very good, without any odor, very passionate. Weighing 38.58lb, I have a little trouble getting it. But, Its flexible and bendable dildo is comfortable to use and gives me an orgasm every time, just as I imagined it would. Really didn’t let me down, this one is worth recommending!

Best sex toy EVER imo

Received the package today. I’m very happy It arrived in a very discrete box. Definetly will order more from this seller as privacy is important. Good job. As advertised, Claudia has a very realistic penis and slideable balls, just like a real man. I happily ride it and pinch its balls, so much fun!

Very realistic

This male torso is definitely one of the most realistic sex toys I have ever used. Whether it is the feel or the degree of simulation, it feels like a real big boy. My favorite is his pecs and dick design, totally upright. Allows me to ride his big cock with confidence. . . I like this boy, I can’t help but ride him for more than three hours every night, it’s so fun! ! !

Alma-25.35LB BBW Female Big Booty Sex Doll Torso
Sharon N.
Great product Great service

I bought this BBW torso and I thought it would be big, but the overall size would be smaller than I thought, but the butt part is really big. The strong contrast excites me very much. This ass is as charming as my favorite adult movie heroine’s, which is insane, not to mention how awesome it feels to be on her. I will definitely buy new dolls here again.

Beyond My Imagination

This is the best sex doll I have ever bought. Very intimate packaging. She acts like a real person. The touch is very real, which should be the reason for the silicone material. Really like a perfect female figure (to me). I’m amazed at her flexibility. she can twist 360 degrees, and finally you can pose at will. Also, I put her in lace lingerie, which is really sexy. I sleep with her every day. Ha ha ha ha! ! !

Best Toy I’ve Had Yet!!!

First thing I noticed about this toy was the weight. I was shocked at first but that shock quickly turned into a pleasant surprise. The weight of the toy is honestly my favorite feature of it, truly adding to the sensation that I haven’t felt in any other toy yet. It is well constructed, has multiple use options and you can actually use it in positions that you would in real life. Easily my new favorite!

Very good service, Great material

I’ve purchased several of these torso dolls from Amazon, but none of them lived up to my expectations. However, I discovered Aaliyah on this site. I was still worried that it would be the same as before, I asked customer service Ayla a lot about Aaliyah. Ayla was professional and solved all my problems and sent me some real photos of Aaliyah. Soon, Aaliyah delivered. Discreet packaging. After opening the package, I was very surprised. The Aaliyah has a good grip, and the material is very soft. You can squeeze it and turn it at any angle. Second, it feels more convincing inside, with the soft material gently hugging you in some irregularities for added massaging effect. Due to the softness of the material, your heart is free to greatly adjust how you want to enjoy it. Very good purchase in my opinion

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