Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy


Why choose Irene?

  • Plump peach & round bigass, the strongest sexy weapon!
  • Realistic dual-channel design, different thrusting stimulation.
  • 6.3″ vaginal depth, providing strong stimulation.
  • 5.5″ anal depth, the feeling of squeezing is full.
  • High-quality TPE material, soft and skin-friendly.
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This item: Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy

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Sexy Big Ass Woman - Irene

Irene is a mixed race model from Asia. She has a big round buttocks. Do you want to have sex with this Asian spanking woman? Now, this is so easy. This spanking torso is designed 1:1 based on Irene’s buttocks. Even better, she’s designed with vibration and sucking patterns. Irene powerful vibrating and sucking, and real touch and skin texture will surprise you. Want to know more about Irene? Then read on!

Irene's Real Video
Size Infor of Irene
Material Medical-grade TPE
Length: 42cm/16.5inch
Width: 31cm/12.2inch
Height: 20cm/7.87inch
Weight: 11kg/24.25lb
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 16
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 17
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 18
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 19

1:1 Perfect Size

Irene is very close to the size of a real ass, and the 24.25Lb will hold her in place without moving from side to side. With Irene, you can try a variety of poses, such as doggy style, wheelbarrow, magic mountain. Among these, doggy style is superb which takes you surprise. For the most authentic feel you want, this size fits best.

Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 20

High-soft TPE Material, Spanking Fun

Sexy big butt Irene is made of high-soft TPE material, which is soft and elastic. Because of its soft elasticity, it will shake back and forth when spanking it, which is particularly realistic. Irene’s size is very close to life size, it is very convenient to put on panties for her. You can carefully choose the style you want for her and dress her up as your ideal partner with an immersive feeling.

Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 21
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 22

Modeled After a Real Mannequin

Irene is modeled after a real mannequin. Realistic skin texture, it feels like touching a real butt. Clearly visible abdominal muscles. Irene’s sexy and soft outer labia is wrinkled, and the inner vaginal particle is spirally designed, and the stimulation is progressive layer by layer, and the deeper it is, the more exciting it is. Irene’s anal passage is covered with small ridges and small bumps, and the feeling of squeezing is full.

Irene's Real Video(Vibration)

24.25LB Vibrating & Sucking Butt: Irene comes with a remote control so you can enjoy hands-free masterbation. Irene’s pocket pussy design with 2 deep 3D threaded channels, bubble butt provide a visual feast for the eyes.

Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 23
Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 24

5 Vibration 5 Suction Modes

Irene’s 5 vibration modes rotates and rises and falls at different speeds, from slow to fast, from gentle to intense. And 5 kinds of super suction. Vibrating at the same time and suck,for a whole new masturbation experience, close to the feeling of real oral. Every gentle squeeze sends you into the inevitable vortex of pleasure. Irene is equipped with an ultra-powerful motor that never lets up, giving you a unique and soothing experience.

Big Booty Masturbator Irene-24.25LB Big Booty Masturbator Toy 25

Automatic Cleaning

Different from ordinary big ass, Irene adds automatic cleaning to the functional design, and the vagina automatically discharges dirt and liquid, which is more hygienic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bri C.
Amazing, Great customer service

At first I was skeptical that any similar item could do this, I repeatedly asked customer service a lot of questions and she answered them all and sent me some real photos, great customer service! I was obsessed with seeing her pink pussy lips. I decided to buy the vibration model. Received it in a few days. So surprised! ! ! The vibrating and sucking of this ass stimulates my cock as I penetrate it like a real woman’s vagina. Orgasm soon. Great experience!

Zachary Begglin
Amazing details, accesible price-point, very impressed!

Given its price, I was worried the actual product would be a lot cheaper than the photos suggest. I asked for factory photos, which they supplied via email. When I got this toy I was so happy to see that the quality held up in person! Honestly the website photos are pretty spot on, just dressed/lubed up with studio lighting. Size-wise its very close to real-size, just a tiny bit small. If you're into petite women this toy is a home run!! At around 24 pounds, its easy to pick up, use, and clean. The details are mind blowing. The skin is lightly textured with goosebumps, so it feels pretty real running your hands all over it. Positioning of the holes is the most accurate of any toy I've owned, and the details are pretty much as close as you can get to real. I also bought a much more expensive full-size torso doll from this site, which is realistic enough, but this definitely beats it in realism. The little inward fold at the back of the vagina, the pussy lips and clit, the wrinkle of skin up the taint leading to the anus, and the butt hole are all textured, colored, and sized very realistically. The inside of the holes are also incredibly realistic! I've never put it up the ass before, so I can't compare, but it feels amazing! Very tight opening that you can feel all the way up and down. The pussy feels pretty much real in my opinion. If you look at it while you're using it, it's very convincing. The bounce-back is also incredible! You barely have to do anything and let the toy rock back and forth. Or hold onto the hips and just gently push it back and forth - looks and feels like a girl twerking on you! Every time I use it I'm blown away how real it looks and feels. I can't recommend it enough, especially for the price (I paid $180).

Hello, dear friend. Thank you for your sincere comments and your willingness to recommend our products to more customers. If you ever need my help in the future, please don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always here. My name is crystal Elva.
Have a great day!

Kyle Mascaritolo
Great product, perfect texture of holes

Overall, the product must be five stars. The packing is very careful. The texture of the product is so good that it’s almost like real skin. The product’s exterior design is also very attractive. The first night it arrived. I couldn’t wait to use it. Both holes are very tight and each feels different. I love it!

Is it as good as the real thing....yes.

This is the second product I have purchased from this company. Why… because the first one is great too, but the second one is better, mostly because of the size. Others wrote reviews I trusted and helped me make a decision. This full size hip torso is manageable in weight, the vagina is so real you won’t tell the difference but thanks to the smooth corrugated grip design , anal is even better than the real thing. It’s better than real sex…

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